Why Face book is better than bebo?

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Why Face book is better than bebo?

Bebo is the site that came in before Face book was launched. There is an opinion among some people that the profiles of their friends in bebo were confusing and jumbled. Though bebo was launched before Face book, it could not become popular due to some rigid options available in its pages. Bebo needs the full address and E-mail addresses of the friends that are included here. In Face book we have the option of searching the web for your friends based on their job, school or group in the internet. This is one of the reasons why people like Face book compared to that of bebo.

Bebo was considered to be having weird applications which involve asking you and your friends questions which will be circulated among your group members. The same quiz will be given to you and reminded constantly about completing the answers. The video links that can be included in this site can only be linked with YouTube. Bebo was until now attracted towards users coming from group consisting of children. Face book is used by mostly elders and recently it is surveyed that Face book is used by the children also.

Websites require money for hosting the videos, pictures and music related to the users on the servers. So these sites should be in a position to withstand with healthy investment. Probably bebo failed in this aspect to some extent. Another reason for Face book to succeed than bebo is user distribution in United States. In UK and other parts of Europe even now bebo has users of quite a large number. But in United States face book has the users of about 100 million which is almost ten times to that of bebo users in US. The users had bad experiences with bebo as they received spam messages most often. Face book had proper understanding with advertisers. The success key for Face book is probably its independent and free thinking image from corporate society.

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