Why Is Facebook Necessary?

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Social Media has long been touching people’s everyday lives but it was limited. But with the coming Facebook, there was a tremendous impact as it gave in-depth understanding of technology. As of April this year, there are 1.44 billion active users world-wide.

The birth of Facebook:

It was way back in early 2004 that Mark Zuckerberg who was sophomore in Harvard created the medium to get students a way of knowing each other. It was dubbed Facebook from the publications that some colleges were passing out to freshmen to know each other better. Within a few months, Facebook became so popular, that it was made available to other colleges as well. Before the year ended, it was opened to the general Internet public for 13 and older users.

The enormous popularity of Facebook opens the door for investors including PayPal, a worldwide American payment system. In 2007, Microsoft joined the bandwagon bringing an investment of $246 million for a 1.6% share in Facebook. The rest of big time magnates as HongKong billionaire Li Ka-shing gave huge investment. Do you know that Google and Yahoo both offered millions to purchase Facebook, but Zuckerberg refused the offer as Facebook is not for sale.

Earn money from FB:

The need for advertisements was served by FB that earned money from commercial revenues. With all those business banners in the social media, it was able to provide free service to its users.

Today, Facebook administers promotion on Page Timelines and in apps. It collects entries by having users post on the Page or gives comment by liking a Page post or collects entries by having users message the Page. It utilizes likes as a voting mechanism for anything.

FB at the top:

Numerous social networking websites have come and go but no one managed to leave Facebook behind as it continued staying on top. With the passage of time, other websites appear quite boring as they have nothing new to present. The quality, stability, versatility and variability of FB are some reasons why it is the No. 1 social medium.

Advantages of life with Facebook:

According to studies conducted, most FB users and even the casual ones spent at least 20 minutes daily on Facebook, not to mention lots of others who spend every waking hour on the social networking site. By just looking at the advantages of life with FB will be the ei\vidence that the social medium is necessary:

  1. This is the best social medium to share whatever you want others to know: your opinion in social issues, discussion of common problems, sharing photos of special events & personal experiences; uploading videos and lots more. You have a chance to correct misinformation and the same way with others.
  2.  Although Facebook is a website, you have the option to chat with your friends. Facebook has a simple tiny chatting application that you can use to chat with friends who are on Facebook. No need to install Skype, Yahoo or any other messenger when you can chat with your all friends on FB. Students, especially use Facebook chat for group discussions, while some businesses use it for short meetings.
  3. Whatever you can do with your mobile, you can do on facebook.com; you can do from your mobile phone Facebook app. In fact, many of the new smart phones come with Facebook app. So you can immediately write your comment, update status and do lots of things even from your mobile phone.
  4. Since most internet users have Facebook, you have a wide field to find a lost relative, an old friend, and a missing contact as long as they stay online again. The friend finder feature of FB will enable you to trace your friends with their names or email addresses. Many found very old friends they never knew they will ever contact again. Thanks to this wonderful medium, they have reconnected.
  5. Promote your business using Facebook Ads and Fans page where you can advertise your business for free.  Facebook has very customizable ads placement service, which is very easy to use and cost effective.
  6. FB is a way to fight boredom especially when you have nothing to do. It provides loads of entertainment and other apps. In fact, some open an account only to play.
  7. Besides games, there are tons of Facebook apps that you can use and enjoy. Apps on Facebook are of variety type such as photo editing, horoscope, stock analysis etc.

Facebook is important as the perfect social network to get in touch with your loved ones, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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