Why Facebook is not Loading?


Why Facebook is not Loading?

The common problem when any website will not get loaded on to our computer would be the site’s accessibility with so many other systems all over the world. As Face book is a social networking site, their servers will have to be always providing the services to several requests all over the world at one time. So there are chances for the network traffic to get jammed. Sometimes if the browser has any problem with its JavaScript, then Face book may not get loaded. Another problem might be with the security software that is installed in the computer like firewalls or any other anti-virus software. The anti-virus software might block some sites. Sometimes if the toolbar in the browser is uninstalled the settings will get changed in the browser and hence can create problem in loading some websites.

If unknowingly the internet explorer was restricted from loading Face book site, then also you will not be able to load Face book. This might have been done by someone casually without your knowledge to the browser on your computer. The Firefox versions below 3.0.0 will not support many of the big applications on the net. I have the Firefox version of 3.6.8 in my computer. I generally do not face the problem with Face book loading in my system. But when I am working on several tabs in the Firefox browser keeping about 10 to 15 tabs, then the sixteenth tab will not support Face book. There were situations of Firefox crashing when I tried to access Gmail. Therefore the capacity to handle the sites beyond a certain limit is also probably necessary to take care in order to know why Face book is not loading.

Another reason for Face book not getting loaded might be due to some corporate sectors blocking the social networking sites in their internal working environment. Sometimes it may happen that by mistake pop-up blockers are on and you may face problem in loading some sites. If the pop-up blocker is off then the problem might get ended. I think the main problem is with network traffic.

Author: Hari M

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  1. TEena

    August 22, 2012 12:08 pm

    I can sometimes get on facebook. click on a different tab like aol and then when I go back to the facebook tap it will not load or I get certificate errors. troubleshooting does not help. Adding the certificate exception does not help. What is going on. It happens on all the computers in our house.

  2. Glenn

    February 16, 2014 9:08 am

    See if you have a program called “Browse Security” and remove it. This program gets loaded without your knowledge and starts messing things up


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