Why Frankenstein is called the modern Prometheus?

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Why Frankenstein is called the modern Prometheus?

Frankenstein novel is called the modern Prometheus. In Greek mythology, Prometheus created humans while Frankenstein generated the monster character from the scratch. Frankenstein did not give the fire to the Titans while Prometheus is a Titan himself. Zeus chained Prometheus to the rock and made a woman and gave her the evil box. When she opened the box it has spread to the remaining people who had the fire from him.

Frankenstein in the novel was compared to the Prometheus character because they were penalized for helping the human beings. There is a story in Greek mythology that a character called Prometheus carried fire from the mount Olympus and offered it to the Titans below who were surviving in the dark. The Titans were able to prepare the food and could carry out their activities effectively after borrowing the fire. This has made the Gods and Zeus to be angry over Prometheus. The Almighty who is considered as king of gods made Prometheus to suffer by tying him to a rock. The Almighty further extended his punishment by making his liver eaten by the eagle. The liver used to get replenished further by itself.

In the same manner Frankenstein also has taken the world into his hands and the result was a horrible end. Like what Prometheus has done in bringing the fire from God to man, Frankenstein also was able to create man which was done by God. In disguise, the power of God brought by Prometheus in the form of fire was done by Frankenstein too. Hence, he is called as modern Prometheus. There is another similarity between Prometheus and Frankenstein in Greek mythology. Prometheus gives life to the man from the statue of mud while Frankenstein also gives life to a man from any of the parts of the dead body. Generally, people started to represent Frankenstein with some aspects of the novel which was a warning against the deeds of modern man. This was later converted as Frankenstein being called as modern Prometheus.

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