Why Friday the 13th is unlucky?

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Why Friday the 13th is unlucky?

Friday the 13th is said to be an unlucky day for most of the Christians all over the world. The main reason behind this has started with Friday, October 13th, 1307. It is believed that on this date the Pope of the Roman Church, along with the French king, passed a secret death warrant against ‘the Knights Templar’. The Templars were charged for their useless beliefs.

Superstitious beliefs for Friday the 13th say that it is lucky as well as unlucky. Ancient Romans, who were living in Northern nations, dedicated the sixth day of the week to their Goddess Venus. They translated Venus to Frigg, or Freya, and later it became Friday, which is the luckiest day for them.

Muslims consider that Allah created Adam on Friday. They believe that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit on Friday, and died on that day. Christians consider Friday as the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans.

Scandinavians believe that the number 13 signifies bad luck, as they have 12 demigods, joined by a cruel 13th one. This 13th demigod is called Loki, and he brought humans great misfortune. In Norse mythology, the hero Balder was killed by Loki, and he crashed the party of 12 and made the party group 13.

This fear of Friday the 13th is coined in Greek as Paraskevidekatriaphobia. The fear of only the number 13 is termed as Triskaidekaphobia. This phobia is explained in Christian theology in a small story. Christians consider 13 as unlucky as it represents the number of people present in the Last Supper. Along with Jesus, his 12 Apostles were there at the Last Supper. The 13th Apostle Judas, was also present, and he betrayed Jesus.

Apart from all these beliefs it has been observed that many people have had bad experiences on this day. There is a legend saying that if a Dinner is hosted with 13 people, one will die within one year.

So many Americans and Europeans avoid going to the office on these days; some avoid travelling in vehicles, and some do not fix their marriage for this day. Many people do not start any new project on this day.

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