Why India was called the Jewel in the Crown?

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Why India was called the Jewel in the Crown?

India was more popular and valuable British colony in terms of natural and human resources. India had plenty of natural resources like valuable gems, cotton, and tea and so on. As the population of India was very high compared to other countries British were able to earn much wealth from taxations. It is said that British were able to earn around twelve million pounds annually from Indian people itself. India acted as a gateway for British to enter into trade with other countries in Asia. The trade relationships with China has started from India itself and it further resulted in acquisition of Singapore and Burma by the British.

India was very significant among all the British colonies in the World for the British Empire. The British Prime Minister during the period 1874 to 1881 called Benjamin Disraeli has named India as ‘the brightest Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire,. Queen Victoria was announced as Empress of India in 1876 and the British ruling party has decided to retain that name until 1947. The title as ‘Jewel in the Crown, was given to India by the British as they could find some preciousness in this country. In fact they found that India was source of several precious stones like Sapphires, rubies, diamonds, emeralds and many more expensive spices. India is really a beautiful place to travel for the wealthy people as lot of valuable trees and historical sites appear to have attracted the people of England. India itself can be called as luxurious place in terms of historical richness.

British could build up employment and money in shipping, insurance, warehousing, and in merchandising industries. British could improve the market for their goods in India which enhanced the British economy. Indian Kings and queens used to offer gifts to British when they were invited for any parties. On the whole India was Jewel in the Crown for the British Empire as it was very valuable part of the entire Empire.

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