Why inuits look asian?

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Why inuits look asian?

Inuits are the indigenous people of United States of America and Canada, particularly inhabiting the arctic regions. In the Inuktitut language, Inuit literally means the people. In other parts of the world, where Inuits are found to reside, the name being called to them are Eskimos such as in Alaska, Canada and Greenland. The Inuits are bound by traditions and cultural beliefs. They live in a common understanding in almost all aspects such as in economics, social ties, politics and cultural enhancement and religious practices. Known to be hunters and fishers, they resolve in a high fat, high protein diet, although they incorporate other natural herbs, plants and vegetables. Today, the Inuits continue to live by some traditions despite the many changes that occurred over the years. Family and community remain to be an important component and its traditional language is still widely spoken.

The Inuits have an acclaimed richness in history. It has been known that the Inuits had contacts with Canada, Greenland and Alaska, which somehow contributed to its development. Although controversies had indeed risen, the Inuits were able to surpass such trying times. But one prominent query about the Inuits is their look similar to the Asians. The Inuits look Asian because it was accounted in history that the first Eskimo or Inuit was from Asia. They were then able to cross towards Alaska, which was known in history as the New World. Because of this fact, many similarities between Asian people and Eskimos are discovered when they were first seen by other people. Evidenced by complexion, adaptation and other similar features when keenly observed, the Inuits are considered to be attributed to the people of Asia.

Today, the Inuits continue to live in simplicity, serenity and genuineness as they live in tradition.

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