Why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle?

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Why Ireland is called the emerald isle?

Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. The country looks so colorful and the places over there receive lot of rain. The flow of gulf-stream has an influence on the climate of the land and it grows green. When you fly on the Ireland the green stretch of land will extend as far as your eye can span. Along with rain the climate in Ireland also gives to us glimpses of sunrays and beautiful rainbows. We can observe group of flowers and plants beautifully growing near the street lamps. They are generally not watered manually instead they normally grow with the help of rainfall. The title Emerald green” was given to the entire greenish excellent scenery of Ireland which acts as the jewel in its own crown. Most of the symbols in Ireland are also set as green color.

Green constitutes many important events and materials belonging to the Ireland nation. The flag consists of green and orange strips intervened by white strip. Green represents the native Irish people; orange represents the Protestants who settled in the Northern Ireland in 1600s. The white represents the peaceful relation that exists between these two groups. The saint of Ireland called Saint Patrick normally wears green clothes. He has set up monasteries in this land and started the mission that converts the Irish to Christianity. The people of Irish descent celebrate 17th of March as the Saint Patrick’s feast day.

The saint was found to have used the symbol of shamrock leaf which has three leaves at the end of each petiole for representing the Catholic belief of trinity. It is the belief of father, son and Holy Spirit. On the Saint Patrick’s Day this shamrock plant was given as a gift to the United States by the Ireland people. The Folklore of Irish has magic as important component. The natural mineral that is native and old found in Ireland is also green. It is mostly found in Connemara Mountains to the Western part of Ireland. This mineral was called as Connemara marble which is used in Jewellery, Gifts and souvenirs. As everything in Ireland commemorates green which symbolizes Emerald, this land is called as Emerald Isle.

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