Why is Abe Lincoln famous?

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Abe Lincoln, or Abraham Lincoln, is one of America’s most famous presidents if not the most famous.  During his time, Abe Lincoln was the country’s 16th President.  The main reason that he became popular with the people is because he was a strong opponent of slavery across different states in the U.S. It was during his time that there was widespread slavery in many Southern States of the U.S., and he strongly urged people to stop this wrongdoing and let every American live free.

Abe Lincoln also led the preservation of the U.S. by winning the American Civil War against the secessionist states called then as the Confederate States of America. It was also during his time that various laws were signed that eventually led to the abolition of slavery across the U.S. With the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation, the rights of all people across America were slowly being honoured and respected including those of the slaves. Eventually, Abe Lincoln’s actions led to the total abolition of slavery across the U.S. through the passage of the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

But aside from Abe Lincoln’s huge part in eradicating slavery in the U.S., he also became famous for his other good deeds.  Known to have humble beginnings, many people looked up to Abe Lincoln as a good example of success which is earned through hard work and discipline. Back then, most of America was awed at Abe Lincoln for his good leadership and integrity. It was also said that Abe Lincoln’s style of governance involved conversations with other people. He became known as a great storyteller which earned him the nickname “Father Abraham.”

Abe Lincoln also became famous because of his words and speeches. He was always quoted when he spoke in public because of his wise and intelligent words. His assassination as President was a very sorrowful period in U.S. history and never forgotten.

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