Why is Abercrombie expensive

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Why is Abercrombie expensive

Fashion statement can be a measure of how elegant or trendy a person is. There are a lot of fashion retailers worldwide that have achieved business dominance and marketing success. One of these is the Abercrombie and Fitch (A & F). Abercrombie is a retailer in America that centers on casual wear. These clothing apparels are often directed to consumers ages 18 and 22. This means that the clothes are best for teenagers and young adults.

The brand is now enjoying its expansion not only in America but also in the global arena. There were already 300 locations only in US and the brand is already operating 3 more offshoot brands which are the Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie for children, and Hollister Co.

Upon its establishment Abercrombie is already known for its elite sporting goods. The company suffered from bankruptcy in the 70’s but the brand was launched as a mail-order retailer in the 80’s.
Now, A&F sell clothes as Causal Luxury which means the brand caters to high profile individuals. With its reputation, Abercrombie has been recognized as an expensive brand. There are reasons why this brand is too expensive. First is the production cost. Since it has to live to its quality, the resources used are world-class which means it is durable and guaranteed elegant. With the increasing cost of the materials for their clothes and the advertising costs, the company also needs to increase the price so that they can keep their profits high. Abercrombie is a business retailer therefore, it needs to use marketing strategies in order to survive. One of these strategies is to create products which are highly in demand. The more precuts are bought, the higher the total revenue they will receive.
Abercrombie is also one of the people’s favorites in terms of clothing apparel. As what the law of economics states, the higher the demand, the more expensive the supply is.

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