Why is Abigail Adams famous?

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Why is Abigail Adams famous?

Abigail Adams is known not just because she was the second First Lady of the United States or that she was the mother of the United State’s sixth president, she was greatly known because of her role as a wife, a mother, an adviser and an advocate of women’s rights and anti-slavery.

She was a devoted wife and wise advisor to former US President John Adams, a good mother to her children, and later on an advisor and inspiration to her son John Quincy Adams who later on became the sixth president of the United States. She was a woman of power and of substance. She was a woman with strong convictions, ideals, intellect and exceptional wisdom.

She valued the women of her time and strongly believes that married women should not only be content in their role as a mere companion to their husbands. She encouraged them to have rights and educate themselves so that they could guide their family into what is right and support their husbands in what they do. She did this by setting as a good example herself.

In her letter to her husband John Adams and the Continental Congress, she requested them to never forget the women and be more generous and to treat them with favour more that their ancestors. Do not put unlimited power into the hands of the husbands because all men have the tendency to become tyrants if they want to. If this request is not given attention, the Ladies would then resolve to foment a rebellion and will not hold themselves bound to any laws in which women have no voice or representation.”

Aside from this, she also believed in equality of races and how slavery and should be abolished in the United States. She, along with her husband strongly believed that slavery was a threat to the American democratic experiment.

In conclusion, Abigail Adams is famous because of what she did during her time. If it wasn’t for her bold ideas and strong convictions, women would not have the courage to fight for their rights and slaves wouldn’t have freedom. She was an extraordinary person who lived an extraordinary life.

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