Why is Accreditation important?

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Why is Accreditation important?

Accreditation is the method introduced by Americans. United States is known to have most popular Universities in the World. America also has the most vigorous system of education which is of private and public type. Accreditation is the recognition given to the health care center or health care services which offer the desired standards by the quality boards of international and domestic level.

Accreditation is looked upon as approval seal for the certification or training program by a University or any recognized government body. Possessing accreditation means that the people will know about the course or certification and gain confidence on it. Accreditation gives support to the people’s positive interest towards joining the course or in doing the certification or in joining the school.

Accreditation will help the public to know and identify the more significant educational institutions which provide quality education. Accreditation provides the consumer protection facility and quality identification without any funding from the government. Providing accreditation is a free service to the country.

Accreditation is significant due to many reasons like helping the students to select the institutions and programs that equal the academic excellence, protecting the public from faulty diplomas, and to confirm that American Universities, colleges and schools are the most reliable and best in the world. Accreditation will investigate and examines the school as a whole which offers the degree. This process will look into the aspects of the goals of the school, its programs and services, facilities and financial stability. The accreditation also provides a method that will bring alteration in planning, regular assessment, reassessment and implementation.

The online certifications and trainings as well as distance education programs are approved and recognized by the accreditation process. The accreditation will ensure that these online programs are providing quality education. Accreditation does not mean that the candidate is eligible to get the job or license. It only tells everyone that the quality of education possessed by the candidate is of high level. It provides a sense of trust to the school or college which has offered the degree to the student.

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