Why is Affirmative action bad?

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Why is Affirmative action bad?

Affirmative action is a set of policies that take into consideration certain factors such as race, color, religion, gender, origin and sometimes culture. This was formulated to give emphasis and importance to the underrepresented groups of people, or otherwise known as the minorities. The main goal of creating the affirmative action is to counteract the historical accounts of discrimination that were highly brought until this modern era. Ranging from policies of employment, education and health programs, affirmative action aims to promote equality and fairness among people belonging to the underprivileged. As an Executive Order created by President John F. Kennedy, the term affirmative action was used to allay any forms of discrimination, exploitation and persecution. In assuming a color blind” perspective, the affirmative action is in great hope of promoting equality in all settings and circumstances.
For most in favor of affirmative action, the preferential treatment among underprivileged citizens is one strong act to obliterate the face of discrimination, slavery and oppression. However, there are some countries that consider this order to be illegal. Despite its aim, there are still laws included that does observe and entertain racial discrimination. Opponents of the affirmative action argue that this order is bad. One reason why affirmative action is deemed as bad is because it devalues the achievements of personalities that were chosen based on social groups and social status. Affirmative action is bad because it allays the concept of productiveness and evidently is failing towards achieving its main purpose. More so, the idea of affirmative action hinders the concept of reconciliation, covers old wrongs with new wrongs and encourages individuals to recognize themselves as oppressed, discriminated and persecuted.
In the light of affirmative action, major obvious differences among the minority and the majority are being strongly emphasized.

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