Why is Africa so Poor?


73577339_078c9d9d1bAfrica Is A Picture Of Poverty

It is a fact that 40% of the working population of Africa earns barely enough to survive. Its poverty is obvious by absence of essentials to human needs facing a great percentage of people in African society.

GDP per capita in Africa:
Africa occupies the lowest of any list measuring activity of economy economic based on GDP per capita. Africa is teeming with natural resources yet it is identified as having one of the lowest in human developments. GDP per capita is less than US$5200 per year; however the vast majority of the population is living on much less.

Studies of the nation stated six causes of poverty:

1. Land ownership is mismanaged:
The nation has large amounts of plowable land along the southern part of the Sahara Desert. African land was under tribal ownership and most of the land was turned over to descendants of European settlers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The IRIN report showed that about 82% of this type of land in South Africa is owned by those of European descent. Like many nations under an empire, a system of freehold landowning is lacking. . It is illegal for underprivileged groups from owning land at all. Africans living in the rural areas seldom owned clear land titles to their own land and have to live their lifetime as farm laborers. There are plenty of unused lands but it is always marked as private.

2. Money is blatantly misused:
The United States and other developed countries donated billions to the coffers of African nations in the form of direct aid. The consensus is that the money has had misused. However, a large portion was either used to purchase weapons or was openly embezzled by corrupt governments. During its totalitarian regimes, many Africa’s new democratic nations are burdened with debt.

3. Prevalence of serious diseases:
The greatest mortality among infants and children are preventable water-borne diseases that are caused by drinking infected water. .Around 3,000 Africans die daily due to AIDS with an additional 11,000 are infected. Worse are infections from Ebola virus. Other prevalent diseases are dysentery, malaria, sleeping sickness, tapeworm, tuberculosis and Polio among the young.

4. Absence of infrastructure:
Although the nation is crisscrossed by major rivers, there is very little clean and potable water for the masses. Boiling water could be a substitute for clean drinking water but fuel for boiling is scarce. Africa’s rapidly growing cities, such as Cairo, Lagos and Kinshasa are in a deplorable state. There are almost no roads and railways connect with each other as colonialism was concentrated only on the coast with internal territories. Transportation between coastal settlements is nearly always by sea. Basic communication is at the lowest.

5. Constant conflicts raging within and out:
Ongoing conflicts and long standing civil wars are raging in Somalia, Ethiopia and other areas. Although basic necessities of life are poor, , military forces are often well-financed and well-equipped. As consequence, Africa teems with refugees to be out of conflict’s way. Africa is unable to deal with the problems handling its growing number of refugees. Due to occurrence of civil war, all government services are closed and trade is disrupted.

6. The threat of climate change:
Climate change is closely linked with poverty. Poverty is increased by the degree and seriousness of disasters. It reduces the capacity of peoples’ recovery and reconstruction.

Poverty is deterrent to progress:
The economic angst of Africa continues as it becomes the melting pot of diseases, warfare, misgovernment, and corruption that was self-imposed in the first place. The most direct effect of poverty low standard of living and quality of life. Most Africans are on the far side and are cut off from communications technology and the Internet. Quality of life & human development are low until remedy is found for its causes.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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  1. Karen Baker

    January 14, 2014 4:32 pm

    I believe with the corruption and tribal indifference’s within Africa, many of the people there are forced into poverty. Let’s face it, too many other outside countries have come in and robbed Africa’s natural resources. Many of the leaders of this continent are power hungry and create genocide with other neighboring Africans. They lack many of the natural elements such as decent housing, education, proper plumbing etc. For a very long time, many of the Africans were under “British rule and imposed racial boundaries” on the true Africans who were the true descendants of their own country.
    Many Africans want to do better and are unable too. Perhaps some of their tribal beliefs and customs have hampered them from progressing. Perhaps they felt if they go against some of their tribal ways, customs and traditions, they will be punished or killed. I’m not sure, but as “rich” as Africa is, there are some major problems. You have rebels in the land that kidnap and force young men to work for them, rape, beat and destroy other villages. There seems to be on going bloodshed in the country, this is also riddled with disease, famine, starvation and death.
    When the Peace Corps, United Way or any other relief organization attempts to help those in dire need, they are meet with rebel forces that steal the medicines, the food, cloths and what materials are needed for the Africans that need them. Even if a world group of investors were to come in and seriously upgrade the African’s standard environment for living, to improve on jobs and education, how long before the corrupt leaders demand their fare share of the business or money?! When will African leaders recognize the plight of their own people and stop this?!
    There must be a way to help this country and it’s people to flourish and become more progressive.


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