Why is Agnes Baxter famous?

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Agnes Baxter spent a fairly ordinary childhood in Halifax. She pursued her career in the field of mathematics and mathematical physics and got a certified degree from Dalhousie University in the year 1887. At her age, women weren’t known to dwell in subjects such as mathematics because of the societal image of such women who actually pursued such fields. In 1891, Agnes Baxter graduated from the university and passed her mathematical physics and mathematics with the honor of first rank. In addition to that she achieved the Medal on the basis of her position being the student of honor with highest position in the particular subjects. Furthermore she completed her degree of Masters from Dalhousie University.

Because of her excellence in both subjects, Agnes Baxter was granted a fellowship so that she could continue her studies in pursuit of the doctorate degree from the University of Cornell. One of the reasons she received fame was because of her achievement in the doctorate degree. By scoring higher than most, Baxter achieved the Ph.D in the field of Mathematics and was known to be the second among all Canadian women to have been awarded with the degree. Not only was she the second in position but was the fourth woman up till that time to have been awarded with such a degree in whole of North America.

In addition to that Baxter is also well known for editing and publishing of the notes of James Oliver with regard to mathematics after his death occurred. In addition to all the above mentioned achievement, Baxter is also popular for the mathematical formula that she invented. Another major accomplishment of Agnes Baxter included her achievement of Sir William Young Gold Medal. Recognizing the status of Baxter the Dalhousie University has honored her by dedicating the Reading rooms in her memory.


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