Why is Ahmadinejad Hated?

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Why is Ahmadinejad Hated?

Ahmadinejad is an Iranian leader recently and most of the Iranian people hated him for all that he did wrong during his leadership years. Actually Iranian people suffered by the wrong doings of this person as well as for his incapability in leading a country. One major reason why Iranian people hated him so badly is because of his dictatorship during his years of leading his country.

Leading a country is definitely not easy. If you are a leader, you have to make it a point that you are well prepared of facing the consequences of your every action. You also have to consider the preferences of the people or your fellow countrymen for they are the ones who are really taking your country in vain or at the peak of success. These are the things that are not practised by Ahmadinejad.

In his time of leading his country, the inflation rate rise up to twenty five percent, this is a clear result of his wrong policies when it comes to economic policies. Another thing is that he is proven guilty of cheating in the Iran election during the time that he is running to become a leader. People believed the Mir Hossein Mousavi was supposed to be their leader because he is cheated by Ahmadinejad.

It is also believed that thousands of votes for Mousavi was been cheated by Ahmadinejad for him to be declared as a winner. The fight between the positions very closes which only means that almost half of the votes for Mousavi have been cheated. This was also the reason why people start riots in Iran.

Because they knew that they are being cheated plus the fact that Ahmadinejad have never been a good leader for them, all they want is for Ahmadinejad to leave the position and to give it to the real winner. After all, he is not leading the country well.

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