Why is Air Invisible?

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Why is Air Invisible?

From your childhood years up to now, it can be possible that you are still wondering why air is invisible while you can perfectly feel it in your skin. You can tell if the fresh you savor is fresh as well as you can tell if the air you savor is healthy for you. On the other hand, did you ever wonder how you can say such things if you can not see the wind or air you breathe?

Well, your answer maybe no or yes since you are still confused. Hence to get rid of your confusions, here are the two main reasons why air is invisible. These reasons are the major and most common reasons that you should know.

First, molecules in the air can soak up colors from light, thus it is not enough to make an effect. This explains why you can determine the direction of the wind or the air. For instance, you are using electric fan or you are working beside the window on a windy day. The tendency is that you can see light objects lift by the air, probably the papers that you are using or other light stuffs.

Another major reason is that molecules in the air are smaller compared to the wavelength of light or the visible light. It is invisible because light can not definitely interact with the things that are smaller compares to its wavelength. Actually this is a very factual and clear explanation why air is invisible. Moreover, if you are very interested then you can at least do number air experimentations.

You can have materials to measure the how strong and what is the direction of the air. This way, you can fairly determine or realize some of other possible reasons why wind is invisible. This can also be a great challenge and discovery on your part.

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