Why is alcohol legal and not weed?

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Why is alcohol legal and not weed

Weed is a common term used by people referring to marijuana together with bammy, chillums, funk, giggle weed, gunga and a lot more. The use of weed is prohibited by the law since it has been found to be unhealthy and hazardous to one’s health. The law has it that the cultivation and production of drugs, such as weed, should be kept illegal so as to prevent the society from possible addiction to the substance, as well as developing diseases that are related to it.

However, such reasoning of the law is contradicting to the very purpose why alcohol is legalized when in fact, alcohols too are considered a kind of drug and are proven to be as addictive, as dangerous, and as damaging to one’s health as compared to a weed.

Upon studying the two substances, both alcohol and weed are said to have existed and freely used by our ancestors many years ago. Both drugs also have religious and medical significance in the same way that both can be abused by the user and can lead to the development of cancer and other adverse effects. So why legalize the use of alcohol whereas restrict the use of weed when both seemed to be equally similar in status?

Apparently, there is no substantial evidence why alcohol was legalized whereas weed is considered illegal. People assumed that the reason why alcohol was legally recognized because the first attempt to restrict alcohol during 1940s to 1960s in the U.S. have proven to be a failure. In order to make up from the wrong decision that had happened, the government decided to legalize the use of alcohol and instead imposed tax on it so that the government can even earn money from it, and they did.

However, with the case of the weed, people assume that the government will have a hard time imposing tax on drugs since marijuana plants can be grown anywhere. Other assumptions have deeper reasoning that includes corrupt legislators (who enjoys drinking), racism, greed and personal agenda, yellow journalism”, and the protection of business profits.

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