Why is an onion bad for dogs?

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Many dog owners have been advised by other people not to feed their dogs lots of onions.  It is said that onions contain a certain chemical that is bad for dogs and cats.  Although it may take a good amount of onions in dog food that may cause significant damage, some dog owners won’t take any chances, and so they try to protect their dogs by eliminating onions from their food.

Onions and other vegetables, such as garlic, contain a substance called allyl propyl disulfide. This substance is highly toxic to dogs and cats.  It is said that if this substance is present in significant quantities in the dog’s bloodstream, it may cause red blood cells to explode.  And when these cells explode, it will cause internal damage to the dogs.  Symptoms are said to occur very slowly, but the damage to the red blood cells is very toxic and can be lethal to dogs.  When this thing happens, the dog in question will exhibit signs of internal poisoning.  Initial signs and symptoms include vomiting and diarrhoea. These initial manifestations are already danger signs to the dog’s health, but these may also progress to even more serious symptoms like breathing problems, urine discoloration, and even lethargy. The more onions that are eaten by the dog, the more severe the symptoms which usually appear a few days after being eaten.

Any type of onion is not good for dogs.  Whether they are fresh onions, cooked, or dried, damage can still result if eaten in significant quantities.  It is said that even the onions from a pizza may cause some toxicity in dogs. This toxicity that causes problems in the red blood cells is also referred to as a type of anaemia which may lead to respiratory and heart problems in dogs.  Some dogs may even be predisposed to depression just because of eating too many onions in their food.  Once symptoms are noticed, it is advised that pet dogs are checked by licensed veterinarians.


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