Why is Andrew Jackson on the 20-dollar bill?

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Andrew Jackson is a former U.S. President featured on the 20-dollar bill.  Many people have only speculations about why Andrew Jackson is featured on this particular bill.  Although Jackson was considered a popular figure during his time as President of the United States, he was also involved with many unpopular activities at the time.  Jackson was known to have forced American Indians into designated areas and reservations out of their native lands.  He also had disagreements with the Federal Reserve in terms of making paper money.

Other than being President of the United States, there are speculations that Andrew Jackson was featured on the 20-dollar bill because of his stand against paper money during his time.  Many have said that the people behind the Federal Reserve or Central bank have disliked Jackson so much that they wanted to sort of mock him by putting his face on the dollar bill which he strongly opposed. Back then, Andrew Jackson wanted to continue using gold coins instead of paper-based money. The U.S. Department of Treasury has not given a clear explanation about this particular speculation, but observers have pointed out that Jackson’s strong resistance to the Central Bank may have actually played a big part in the decision of the Federal Reserve to put his face on the 20-dollar bill and proceed with circulating such paper-based money.

Since Jackson’s face is on the 20-dollar bill, many people refer to this particular denomination as a “Jackson.”  Some people also refer to it as a “double sawbuck” with reference to the 10-dollar bill that is called a “sawbuck” owing to the Roman numeral resembling the legs of a sawbuck.  About one-tenth of U.S. paper notes being circulated are 20-dollar bills.  On the back of the U.S. 20-dollar bill is a picture of the White House, which is the residence and main office of the U.S. President.

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