Why is Aphrodite important?

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Why is Aphrodite important?

Aphrodite is the goddess for beauty. Aphrodite goddess was asked for beauty by the people and to help them in troubles. Aphrodite is goddess of love, pleasure and progeny which are essential for the spread of the society. People who look at her get the sign of inspiration and love from her. The young people pray the goddess Aphrodite for a good husband and caring wife. The girls and boys belonging to Greece seem to have asked her to open the eyes of their secret love. It is said that many people prefer to dance with her and die for her. It is also believed that there is no matter related to love without Aphrodite. Aphrodite represents love without sex which is called as an eternal love. The real love that exists between a man and woman is indicated by the presence of Aphrodite. Aphrodite also represents love that exists between mother and child or between father and son.

The myths try to show about the good things which are done by Aphrodite or not done by Aphrodite. It is mission of goddess Aphrodite to spread the Love. Love in any form is provided by Aphrodite. Love towards food, any favorite item, pet, towards people whether it is relationship between husband and wife or between brothers and sisters or parents and children are all governed by Aphrodite. The thought and desire for reproduction arises from love. If there is no love, there will not be any continuation in society or there will not be any children. Aphrodite was considered as very important goddess in Greek Pantheon.

Aphrodite did not do any particular good thing in mythology. She was known to have represented all things that were beautiful. Her presence made the world to be away from darkness and cold. Aphrodite was important as she was born after cut loins of Uranus which were used for mixing the sea to emerge foam. She was known to have born from the foam. Cupid is her child. She was found to have helped Helen to be saved from troy. Aphrodite could win over other goddesses like Athena and Hera.

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