Why is April fools day Celebrated?

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Why is April fools day Celebrated?

One of the most celebrated days that does not even fall into the category as a real holiday has to be April Fools Day which falls on April 1 of each year. This is the day that people tend to be more lenient and understanding of potential and actual pranks that are played throughout the world, but primarily in the United States. This has been going on since about the 19th century, but not a lot of people can clearly state how and why this tradition was ever started or why it is gained so much attention throughout the hundreds of years since someone first decided to make it an unofficial holiday.

There are some people who claim that it all started in the 1800’s when a nobleman in England mistakenly marked the RSVP cards for the Queen’s marriage to say March 32 instead of April 1, the actual day of her wedding. Many of the invitees did not even think about how March 32 is not an actual date and showed up anyway. The glitch was eventual caught, hence regarding the day of April 1 to be the day of the fool or April Fools Day. I think that would have been pretty funny to see the reactions of the people after showing up and realizing what the date actually was.

Throughout the years, there have been many funny and some really stupid practical jokes that have been played on April Fools Day. This tradition will probably last for as long as the Earth does, but eventually someone is going to do something so dangerous and terrible that we will all have to rethink the whole idea altogether. Some of the pranks that have been pulled in the media and on radio outlets have actually been pretty darned funny. You should check them out on the internet sometime. Maybe some fresh ideas will do the new batch of pranks some good.

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