Why is Aqworlds so laggy?

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Why is Aqworlds so laggy?

Lag is a term for choppy game play and can be cause by many different reasons. Bad internet connection, bad servers, bad graphics card and other running programs in the background are some causes of lag in any video game.

A slow internet connection is one problem that causes lag. When a computer has a slow internet connection it can send far fewer packets of information in a specific time frame than a computer with a faster internet connection. Solution to this is to upgrade your internet connection.

If the game is using old servers or servers that can’t handle the amount of people playing this will create server lag. Server lag is more noticeable because multiple people will be complaining about it. There is no solution on the users end for this, just hope that the game creators upgrade the servers.

When a slower computer has multiple programs running in the background such as music, skype and MSN, this will slow game play. This is simply explained by the fact a computer can only process so much information at one time. The more information that is being processed is going to slow the computer down.

Graphics cards help with processing the graphics information on the user’s end. Same as having a slow computer, a lower end graphics card will generate some lag. The fix for this along with a slow computer is just to get a new graphics card or a new computer with both a faster processor and faster graphics card.

The user can do many diagnostics to help fix most lag issues. Really the only non fixable (by the user) lag problems is server lag and how many people are on. The best way to get this fixed is to send emails with your concern to the creators.

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