Why is Arctic Sovereignty important?

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Why is Arctic Sovereignty important?

Due to changes in climate at arctic region there is a special interest on this region by several countries. The new interest shown on the arctic waters by few countries is due to the melting of polar ice caps. It is observed recently that several countries are making powerful incursions into the Canadian Arctic region. They are intruding into the airspace of the Arctic region, surface and sub-surface of this region. After identifying all these incursions, Canada has imposed its claim of sovereignty on the Arctic region. This claim for sovereignty was objected by the people.
Countries like United States, Russia, Japan, Denmark, Norway and European Union also started to claim the Arctic region. The Northwest Passage is a region that passes through Canada and it is gradually melting. This has led to enhanced shipping activity over there. Canada is very much particular about the Northwest Passage as a part of its own territory and the waters over there are represented as its internal waters. This slogan of Canada was challenged by United States that Northwest Passage belongs to international property and are international waters.
The subsurface resources are monitored well and other countries are trying to exploit the economic potential of the region. There were many discussions that concentrated on the issues like degradation of environment in the process of exploring the resources, control of shipping activities, and saving the people who are living in the North. The Canada is keen in exercising its responsibilities in getting control over the Arctic region. It is necessary and important for the country which has most of the Arctic region inside it to claim for its sovereignty over the territory. It is also important for the Canada to appoint a state authority who takes care of the region from wild incursions.
Hans Island was occupied by Canada and since it is partially covering the region in Denmark, Denmark also claimed this part of Arctic territory. Like this, several issues related to this aspect would arise and cause disturbance in the international law. Therefore it is important to possess Arctic sovereignty by the countries according to the law.

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