Why is Art important?


Why is art important?

Art is everywhere. Our appreciative mind recognizes every form of art in the world we live in. It is not just acknowledging the beauty of an object, a poem or a painting, it is recognizing and accepting anything we see as art.

Art is an important part of our lives, as it stimulates our mind. It gives us the opportunity to explore our creative side. Art in any form entertains, informs, educates and enlightens us in every possible way. It gives us the meaning of everything we see around us. Without art, our lives would simply become plain, boring and lifeless.

Art is an expression of one’s self. Through art, we can express our emotions, such as happiness, love, sadness or grief. It is our medium to share our hidden talents, and for the world to know how creative we are.

How many songs have we sung, how many lyrics have we memorized and appreciated? These are words coming from a writer whose lyrics are derived from his moods and emotions, while he puts the words together. We know that every letter, every word and every pause come from the heart; it belongs to the writer, but the thoughts and feelings are shared with everyone. Even the melody accompanying the lyrics is such a great form of art. Upbeat music could make us happy, a slow song could make us sad, or would help us internalize, and become one with our emotions.

How many art galleries have we visited, how many paintings did we admire, how many sculptures did we take a second or third glance at? Each form of art is different, but they somehow connect to our souls and emotions. Any form of art makes us realize how great these works of art are, and how wonderful it touches us within. How it teaches us to become observant and appreciative.

We see and acknowledge everything through our artistic eyes.

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  1. ion

    November 12, 2010 11:39 am

    yes put your full name and date when you put this on here please so i know its reliable im doing a project about art and wanted to use this but couldn’t


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