Why is Asparagus Good for You?

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Why is Asparagus Good for You?

Asparagus is a food which you could never stand the taste or even the smell. But, did you completely know that it can cause you various benefits when it comes to your health. This fact is proven true, in fact there are more and more people these days that are eating this vegetable especially the ones that are pregnant or the ones that are thinking and looking forward to conceiving.

This vegetable is also high in Folate and vitamin K; it is also great for your heart as well as it greatly helps in menstrual cramps with fertility problems. These veggies are indeed great veggies when it comes to the healthy benefits that people can get. It also helps in detoxifying body so you can greatly avoid cancer especially colon cancer.

Asparagus is also known as a great food to eat when you are depressed. There are various individuals and expert who can say that this is proven. Asparagus can really treat depression aside form it can cause several healthy benefits towards human body. It has been known to increase success rate of a chemo therapy.

This only means that asparagus could not only treat depression, and provide healthy effects on your body. It also provides you a great hope to survive in a best killer medical condition which is the cancer. Moreover, it can also be great veggies to eat by mother who is breastfeeding their little angels.

This veggies is also known as a best inflammatory, therefore it can also be best for individuals who are suffering for asthma, arthritis as well as rheumatism. This food is indeed a great advantage on your part. So, if you are not eating these veggies then you better learn to eat such at least once to thrice a week in one of your meals for the day.

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  1. David Joerg

    September 22, 2012 6:03 pm

    “There are various individuals and expert who can say that this is proven.” Phrases like this suggest that the author has no idea what they’re talking about. Without a citation, this sort of statement proves nothing, calling the whole article into question.


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