Why is Assessment important?

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Why is Assessment important?

Assessment is an internal part of the teaching process and it indicates how far the teaching has influenced the student. Assessing a student is essential as it will measure the extent of grasping made by the student from the teaching classes he has attended. The assessment will help in the grading process, will give some more instruction for those in need, tell the stage of the student while learning, show the efficiency of the current teaching pattern and the syllabus and in acquiring job.

Assessment will help the teachers to understand whether they are teaching what they are supposed to or expecting to teach the students. Assessment also helps the students to realize whether they have learnt what they were supposed to or expected to learn. Assessment gives an idea to both teachers and students whether there is any other better way of delivering good subject for the students to learn better.

The current day students are expected to carry out proper basic reading as well as to possess arithmetic skills. They are also expected to develop and improve skills in them which help them to apply in the changing world. The students must be able to criticize, analyze and form conclusions. Constant change in the skills and in their knowledge expects a student to work hard incessantly to achieve the new goals. Working continuously for reaching the goal will change the view of the student towards the association of assessment with teaching. So, it is essential for the teacher to constantly make the student to remember about the purpose of assessment and in what area he will be assessed.

Assessment will enable the teachers to know whether they are teaching the proper and correct subject at right time. It also tells them what has to be deleted from the subject and what not to teach. The teachers will understand through assessment if they are completing the allotted syllabus comfortably and in the satisfactory way. Teachers will come to know their state of accountability to the parents, administrators and politicians by properly assessing the students.

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