Why is Astrology not a science?

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Why is Astrology not a science?

Astrology is the study of beliefs, traditions and systems which are performed to solve any disturbance caused due to the various positions of the celestial bodies. These bodies in the space are known to govern the fate of the person, his personality, his materialistic matters and human affairs. The important celestial bodies that are actually considered to be involved in predicting the fate of the human being are sun, moon and planets. Generally astrology deals with study related to the concerned stars while western astrology does not involve any stars.

Astrology is classified as an art which includes astronomy, mysticism, divinity and prophecy. The scientific society considers this study as pseudo science. This study of astrology predicts something and claim that it will happen in the same manner. The claims of this study cannot be denied completely or cannot be used to confirm any event that is going to happen.

Some astrologers look at this art as a symbolic language which explains the theme of love, life and death. Some look at the influence of astrology on the human and materialistic affairs. Some people understand it as the study which deals with the planets having control on the human destiny and the planets which determine the personality of the human beings.

The traditions and rituals that have been formed because of astrology were started from 3rd Millennium BC. The culture has got a shape due to the astrological aspects and astrology has led to the beginning of astronomy. With the knowledge in divinity and predictive features of astrology, astronomical concepts were improved and investigated more from the modern era. By 2nd Millennium AD the divergence of astronomy from astrology started. Astronomy was considered a science as it dealt with the empirical study of celestial objects and phenomena. The United States national science board identified astrology along with beliefs and practices as a pseudoscience” in 2006. With the start of scientific revolution, the scientific branches began to have some experimental evidences. At this stage, astrology and astronomy diverged. Astronomy was considered as empirical science while astrology as an art of metaphysics or a science of superstition as viewed by natural scientists.

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