Why is Atticus finch a hero?

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Why is Atticus finch a hero?

Described as a tall, middle-aged man and is wearing glasses to correct his failing eyesight, Atticus Finch is one fictional character that leads the plot in the story To Kill A Mockingbird. This book was written by a Pulitzer Prize winner author named Harper Lee. Published in 1960, the winning novel was adapted in 1962 as a film and was later revived with new casts in 2003. It was during its first film adaptation that the story was awarded by the American Film Institute with the lead character, Atticus Finch as the greatest hero.
In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is found to be the most rightful, just and upright character in the story. He represents the ideal picture of a lawyer and a human being. The story depicts Atticus Finch as a brutally honest person, highly moral, generally concerned of the society and allays from any prejudices that can be afflicting to the members of the community he lives in. The heroism of Atticus Finch is revealed when he decided to defend a black man, in the name of Tom Robinson, who was accused for raping a white woman. When the community of white people became aware of his decision, he was brutally scrutinized and chastised by his community. Atticus Finch, along with his family, endured the insults, prejudices and even threats that were posed on them for not abandoning the case. He never cared less of what the people will say against him but he constantly reminded his two children of the ethical importance of his decision. Taking the case as a personal crusade, his only hope was to set a strong moral example that will encourage the rest of the people to be just, upright and open minded.

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