Why is August 2nd a Holiday?

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Why is August 2nd a Holiday?

What is celebrated in the 2nd of August? Who celebrates it? Why does this holiday exist?

Canadians have a good time celebrating a Civic Holiday. But what is a Civic Holiday? A Civic Holiday is the most commonly used name for Public Holiday celebrated in Canada on the first Monday of August.

The first Monday in August means a long weekend. In true Canadian fashion it’s fantastically eccentric. There is really no splendid reason for this holiday other than to fill the holiday gap between Canada Day which is celebrated on the 1st of July and Labor Day on the 1st Monday of September.

This holiday is nothing like most holidays. Civic Holidays does not honor any specific event but was only created for its timing. During this time Canadians have fun and celebrates aspects of their local culture. Some have Fireworks display and parties in their respective houses, some because of a long weekend go on a trip with their families and spend time with them without anything to worry about. Though Some might not celebrate because they don’t find it really important to do so. Most Canadians gather and have fun.

Different from other holidays, this one varies the name and status across the country. In British Columbia, it is known as BC Day or British Columbia Day. In Alberta, it’s an optional Civic Holiday and they call it Heritage Day. In Newfoundland and Labrador, it is not generally observed but it is celebrated in St. John’s. It gets a little interesting in Ontario for employees of the federal and municipal government it’s a stat but is not fully recognized by the provincial government. And in Toronto, they refer to it as Simcoe Day which is named after John Graves Simcoe. The name of the holiday as you can see changes from city to city but Canadian does not really care what it is really called. They just have fun and celebrate!:)

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