Why Is Autisms On The Rise?


Why Is Autisms On The Rise?

These days there are several new born babies who are autistic. This only proves that autism is really on the rise. There are several reasons behind this and one of such is the lack of discipline for most mothers at present time. It is also one of the causes of being a parent at a very young age.

Autism can be acquired through genes; however it can also be acquired through the negligence of the parents especially the mother who is carrying the child. Well, this is not to imply that all parents and couples who get married at a young age are irresponsible. The fact is that there are really people and parents who are so responsible.

Autism is usually caused by actions of the parents of an unborn child especially the ones that are not ready in facing the responsibilities of being a parent. Because they are not ready, the tendency is that they will attempt to abort the baby that they are carrying on their womb. But what can happen if they not succeed in doing this?

This is one main causes of autism because of the trauma that an unborn child experience in the womb of his mother, the trauma is there and it triggers mindset abnormality. Another thing is that the child may suffer the side effects of the harsh medicines that a mother takes in attempt to abort their baby. In a point of fact this is one main reason why autism is on the rise.

The more those young individuals are not properly oriented with sex and its effect, the more young people can experience getting pregnant in their very young age. And if this happens, autism will raise more. Nonetheless, these are not the only reasons behind the rise of autism; there can be lots of reasons.

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3 Responses

  1. Rittie katz

    July 21, 2012 12:45 am

    This is a completely erroneous article. This theory, of parents who have rejected their child causing autism, is absolutely wrong. I have worked extensively with autistic children and even knew a set of twins…..one autistic and one not.
    This is victim bashing at it’s worst. Autism is a physical, biochemical issue. Perhaps it is caused or exacerbated by toxins and vaccines, but certainly not by rejecting parents.

    • John c. Willis

      July 18, 2013 1:56 pm

      That might be the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.
      It only goes to show that the internet is a repository of
      erroneous and ridiculous information. Pay no attention to
      this drivel.

  2. Eric

    July 31, 2013 11:24 am

    Yes, there is no proof that autism is on the rise, just that awareness of autism is on the rise and that children are actually screened at an earlier age and that behaviors that were not identified as being autistic are now included as being “autism spectrum-related.” Due to ADA laws, children and adults who would have been relegated to spending their lives in an attic, basement or an institution are more present in society, so it just seems like more as we are mainstreamed with the rest of everyone else.


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