Why Is Badminton Popular In China?

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Badminton is one of the most successful and popular sports in China. Most people in this country participate in this sport for fun making hence it has a very big fanbase. Walking around in the streets of China, it is very common to see people enjoying the sports in the parks.

The Chinese government is in the forefront for establishing this sport in the country. The sport is very successful in this country, more than any other country in the world and this has been attributed to the following reasons:

Support from the government: the government provides for most of the needs of those participating in badminton, that is, those in the national team. All the expenses accrued during training and the financial upkeep of the trainees is catered for by the government. This ensures that the sportsmen and women are free from stress and are able to concentrate on their practice. This is an advantage in China, as opposed to other countries where people participating in badminton rely on their families and the badminton federations in their countries.

Badminton program: the sport in China is run by a program that ensures that the sport maintains its success and popularity in the country. The program ensures that the selection of players is on point and only those that are going to perpetuate the success are being selected. The program is described as being the best in the world.

Huge talent pool: badminton in this country enjoys a big talent pool because of the vast number of people participating in the sport even for fun. Unlike many countries, many people in China love badminton and practice it daily hence are actually very good at it. This culture has seen badminton gain popularity and becomes one of the most successful sports in China. It is for these reasons that the country has been dominating the sport in international and regional events.

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