Why is baking a chemical change?

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Why is baking a chemical change?

There are certain chemical reactions lying behind baking of cake. The substances that are present before a reaction starts are called as reactants while those that result after the chemical reaction is completed are called as products. Baking of a cake can also be considered as a chemical reaction. The ingredients of the cake that are taken initially for preparing the cake are considered as reactants. The final cake that is created is the product. Apart from the cake that is formed, gases are also released which are not visible.

Before a chemical reaction is started, the chemical ingredients have to be taken and their physical properties have to be observed. The physical properties of the components of the cake are their taste, color, texture and physical state (gas or liquid or solid). Any one of the components of the cake can change the color, odor, taste and appearance of the cake. This means that each of the ingredients can be called as a variable. Variables are those which keep changing and make the results of chemical reaction to be changed.

There are many numbers of methods of preparing a cake. The components can be mixed in different quantities and each of the ingredients can be altered as per our desire. As a scientific experiment, the quantities of the components can be added as per the required measurement. In cake baking also the same thing is done. The results will be noticed at every step. The properties of the resultant products have to be studied as in the chemical reaction. This has to be done as the other cooking person can have different combinations of the ingredients. Even the other chemists also may repeat the same process and so the measurement of the ingredients and recording of the results of the first chemical reaction has to be done. The gas that is formed during the preparation of cake makes it to swell along with bubbles. Here, the baking powder will release carbon-di-oxide which indicates that there is a chemical reaction happening in this process.

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