Why is Balance Important In Life?

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Wonderland_Walker_2A well-balanced life is important

Look at your life; it is a conglomeration of many vital areas. If you imagine your life as a pie, it will have 7 different slices to include: the intellectual, physical, professional, psychological, recreational, social and the spiritual. Despite this multi-spectrum, there is only one life and each one must equally treated as important.

What is focused on each area?

To the intellectual life area belongs your memory, ability to learn, to reason plus all cognitive processes. The focal point of the intellect is knowledge. Whatever is related to your body and its well-being belongs to physical area as it is focused on your health. The professional area is your ability to make money but success is focused by the reward you get for the value you provide and recognition of the end result expected from your professional endeavors. Your psychological life area is focused on emotions that are influenced by many factors and how emotions are developed to support your existence. Any activity to relax, refresh and find pleasure falls under this life area the recreational that is focused on fun. How you treat other human beings to forge foster healthy kinship and to avoid conflict are the social area. It is focused on relationships. Both philosophy and theology endeavor to explain the fundamental nature of reality and helps us the spiritual area of life that is focused on belief.

You need a well-balanced life:

Life that is well-balanced results a personally effective individual who is enjoying peace of mind and living well. Whether you are practicing your profession, going to school or already retired, you are responsible is the correct and proper function of your life areas. There are things you want to do and things you must do. The challenge to accomplish this balance is to know what you want to do, what you enjoy and choose to do.

Tips for a well-balanced life:

1. Pamper yourself as balance is not accomplished if you are not healthy. Maintain good health by proper rest, exercise and nutrition. Set aside a time each day doing an activity that you enjoy and allow yourself to relax after a hectic day by floating on a nice hot tub, reading a romantic novel or doing yoga.

2. Consider your priorities as no balance is achieved by cramming in every activity. Examine your values and decide to do the important ones. Avoid becoming overwhelmed by multi-tasking too many big projects you planned to do. As the saying goes, “do not bite off more than what you can chew”.

3. By organizing and planning ahead, you formulate an efficient mindset. Make a to-do list in a planner or calendar for important activities you have to do. Allow yourself time for recreation and quality time for yourself and your family.

4. Be like a boy scout by always prepared for the unexpected to minimize stress and anxiety. Remember that life is full of unhappy expectations. Bad and unpleasant stuff happens that you have to accept with the good. Formulate plan B to face the unexpected.

5. A positive mental attitude will go a long way in maintaining life’s balance. Start each day expecting the best and making the most of it. Learning how to deal with adversity, unforeseen events and uncertainty are tests if you live a balanced life.

Why live a well- balanced life?

A well-balanced life integrates those components that are you truly considered as relevant. You also need to realize that you have to make choices about what your priorities are. Empower yourself to make choices that allows you to live a balanced life that is aligned with what you considered as valuable. But often by prioritizing something, you have to make sacrifices.

A balanced life sometimes does not demand giving 100 % of yourself 100% of the time. There will be instances when personal/family life and work collide or even your spiritual values will clash but by knowing what is most important to you and making options based on your criterion, you will be better able to balance your decisions with confidence.

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