Why is Beer bad for you?

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Why is Beer bad for you?

The quantity of beer that you drink has impact on how much it causes harm to you. One beer per day is really not bad at all according to many. Alcohol in small quantities will be able to do good to us. Two or more cups can become problematic later. Some people who have the regular habit of drinking beer say that they are confident about the beer to be doing well and it is not at all bad. They say that they were drinking it for many years without any harm caused to them. Beer is generally suggested to be avoided as it consists of huge quantities of carbohydrates. The alcohol in the beer also dehydrates the body very much. Beer contains more calories and hence will increase the body weight. It is bad to consume more beer.

Beer or alcohol is harmful to the liver and other important organs and causes dehydration. It tends to damage the brain cells when consumed very much. Beer normally contains sodium, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, alcohol and vitamins B, B2 and B6. Beer taken heavily can enhance the alcohol addiction, causes depression, mental and psychological results. Drinking of alcohol too much can result in liver diseases. It can also increase alcohol associated accidents.

Most of the people feel that beer reduces stress which is not the case actually. When we drink beer when we are stressful and if it brings relaxation to us, it does not mean that beer is good. Any other thing like chocolate or music can also do that. So it is false notion that beer brings relaxation for you. It is wise to avoid beer in order to protect your liver from diseases due to alcohol. Instead of repenting later for the excess harm caused to the liver due to the alcohol, it is better to prevent it by avoiding beer. Beer kept in sunlight for longtime might be harmful than those kept in dark.

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