Why is Beowulf considered as an epic hero

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Why is Beowulf considered as an epic hero

Epic heroes are characters in a story that has superhuman qualities. They may possess a noble background where in time, can be discovered to have greater potentials. These heroes might have started life in poverty but have performed extraordinary deeds which made them popular and respected in the end.
Beowulf as an epic hero who is worthy of respect and emulation. A hero must possess these characteristics: bravery, strength, skill, honesty, compassion, intelligence, and modesty and Beowulf have these qualities. His exemplary character in the story wherein he suffered pain and grief but later arises from the ground and put an end to his and the people’s sufferings made him an epic hero of his time.
Beowulf is a fictional character from the Anglo-Saxon poem entitled Beowulf” which was written between 8th – 11th century. This poem talks about a young boy who was born in a land where there was chaos and anarchy. Beowulf was the son of the Swede but grew up as Geats.
Beowulf’s heroic acts was seen when he killed three anti-protagonists – Grendel (a monster), Grendel’s mom, and a dragon. These turns of events granted him the throne of Geats but he was soon put to his deathbed by his illness. At the time of his death, he was still thinking about his kingdom’s future. He still wanted to protect his homeland and with this, his heroic acts have been an inspiration for his people to continue what he had started.
Beowulf is considered as a n epic hero because he showed his heart of gold when he did not turn his fellowmen to the evils in spite of the challenges he faced. He did not give up. By his strength and courage, he manned down evils and brought his men and his homeland the peace they deserve.

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