Why is Black history Important?

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Why is Black history Important?

February is a nice month of the year for many reasons. Winter is starting to end and the weather is starting to get nicer is one of those reasons, but the most important thing about February is the fact that it is nationally known as Black History Month. I have always found it to be very important to teach young children just how influential black people have been throughout history and exactly what they went through to have their voices heard. It is a shame that it took so long for black people to be listened to and taken seriously, but you can see the results of their gifts to today’s society all over the world.

Without having February as the month to share stories and tales of all of the historically important black people of this country and others we would not have some of the most important knowledge that we could have ever received. We would all still be stuck in a pre Civil War type atmosphere and that would be a tragic thing to partake in. I can’t imagine a world in which slavery or a lack of rights for black people would be looked at as something that is right and just. The fact that there have been people throughout time to fight against these injustices is proof that we are a people of strong beliefs and values and that just makes me smile.

Schools are thankfully teaching the rich history of African-American culture and values that have been bestowed upon many people since the month was first inaugurated as something with historical significance. Without all of these teachings and the knowledge that came with them, we would be an ignorant and sad little space where neglecting the brave and beautiful leaders of our past was OK and turning a blind eye to suffering was as easy as taking a breath. Black History Month is a beautiful thing and I, for one, am very happy that we are able to celebrate the importance of those righteous people.

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