Why is Bone considered a connective tissue?

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Why is bone considered a connective tissue?

Our body is made up of cells and tissue. To maintain our body form, there must be something responsible in giving structural support to our body. This is the role of connective tissue. Connective tissues include the blood, cartilage tissues, and even the bone.
Our bone is considered as a specialized form of connective tissue. Specifically, it is the tissues in the bone which makes up the skeleton. This bone tissue is composed of cells with extracellular matrix that is calcified.
Bone contains collagen and calcium phosphate which contribute to it mineral structure and firmness. Bone is a connective tissue because it functions the same as how connective tissues function. It supports the body and responsible for the locomotion of some body parts. Bone tissues also store phosphorus and calcium which our body needs.
Bones may be hard but it can be brittle. The tissue that makes up the bone is very light. Bone, itself, is a dynamic tissue which continues to grow and form. This is the reason why we grow taller as we age. But there is also a time when the bone stops growing. This can be brought about by ageing, diet, drugs, or endocrine changes. But then when a younger person damaged or injure his bone, this can still be restructured. The reason why the bone can be reorganized is due to its structure as a connective tissue.
When we take a closer look at the bone, it can be spongy or compact. Spongy bones have spaces where the bone marrow stays while compact bones are a mass of bony tissues and there are no visible spaces.
Our bones are essential part of our body structure. Without them, we may look like gelatin because nothing supports and connects our body parts. Whatever makes up our bone, we must always take good care of them by eating the right food and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

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