Why is book of eli rated r?

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Why is book of eli rated r?

The Book of Eli is one title of a film starred by the famous Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington. The movie was released last 2010, under the genres of drama, adventure and action. The story behind the movie revolves around a man named Eli, who was played by Denzel Washington. The storyline starts off with Eli wandering across North America for the last thirty years, with no particular place to go but the sea. The only comfort he has is the book in his possession, which he carefully carries and guards closely. Upon reaching a certain village ruled by one powerful mobster, he finds himself being an interest to the ruler due to the unique book he possesses. Eli proves to be the better man after refusing the temptations offered to him by the ruler. As a man who has a quick hand with knives, pistols, rifles, shotguns and karate, he was able to outwit the ruler and was successful in his late-discovered mission of propagating the book, the Bible.

After the movie was released, many criticisms and feedbacks were given by viewers, movie experts and critics. The Motion Picture Association of America is the one responsible for providing ratings among movies and after The Book of Eli became a hit in the box office, it was rated R. Rated R means that the movie is a restricted one and individuals Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. The movie obtained such rating primarily because of the violence that is depicted in the scenes of the movie. More so, there are scenes which show sex, nudity, profanity, gore and use of drugs and alcohol. The movie also has intense, frightening scenes, which definitely made MPAA decide to rate the movie as rated R.

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