Why is Brooks and Dunn breaking up?

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Why is Brooks and Dunn breaking up?

One of the greatest country music groups in the past twenty or so years is finally calling it quits. Brooks and Dunn decided after a lot of antagonizing sit downs with one another and hearing the pleas from their amazingly huge amounts of fans to stick around for a little while longer to hang up their boots and guitars and get on with the next chapters of their incredibly successful lives. Being a fan of the band for quite a while now, I could not believe that the era of Brooks and Dunn was finally going to be over. It does not seem like it has been that long since they first burst onto the scene with a plethora of radio and live hits.

Both of the stars who lead this great band have said that they felt it was the right time to call it quits because they had simply run out of ideas to create more music as the time went by. They did not want to become one of those bands that continues to create bad music just for the sake of sticking around. I find that to be extremely refreshing to hear because there have been way too many bands that stick around much longer than they should and never realize the great musical influence again. That is always sad to see and I applaud these guys for taking the high road.

While Brooks and Dunn will certainly be missed by their loyal legion of fans across the world, they have undoubtedly set a high precedent for all of the musicians that grew up listening to them and trying to emulate all that they have accomplished over the many years that they blessed up with they incredible music. They will be missed, but it is always nice to see an epic band go out on a high note. I think they did this the right way.

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