Why is Brutus a Tragic Hero?

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Why is Brutus a Tragic Hero?

The play The tragedy of Julius Caesar” was one of the classic works of William Shakespeare. One of the characters in this play called Marcus Brutus” was termed as tragic hero. Brutus had desire for the power and dies at the end. The character of Brutus needed great strength and tremendous challenge. He decided to rule over the conspiracy all alone and neglect the Cassius completely. This shows the strength in his character and showed impact on others.

Brutus was also found to have done tragic mistake. His mistake was that he believed in few people very much. Though Caesar was his friend, he honestly thought that he had to kill him to save the Rome from Tyrannical people. Brutus also believed in Antony. But, Antony could not keep up the trust Brutus had on him. Antony was the cause of trouble which Brutus was facing. Brutus also trusted Cassius who is one of the members involved in conspiracy. Brutus was asked to be part of the conspiracy in order to get still closer to Caesar.

All through the play, Brutus was nicely portrayed. This character was shown as someone always doing things for the good purpose of the nation. Cassius discusses with Brutus that causing good to the nation can be achieved only if he kills Caesar. Cassius at last succeeded in convincing Brutus that doing good to the country means killing Julius Caesar. The speech given by the Brutus during the funeral of the Caesar tells us that he did kill Caesar for valid reason. Brutus did not kill Caesar due to hatred or greed. He killed because he loves his nation. But, later slowly Brutus realizes that killing Caesar was a mistake done by him. He could not bear this in his mind and commits suicide. As Brutus has realized his action of murdering Caesar and has committed suicide, he was considered as a tragic hero.

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