Why is Bubble Wrap a good insulator?

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Bubble wrap is a good insulator. Bubble wrap is the bubbles of air wrapped with plastic material. BubbleÃ’šÃ‚ wrap is convenient to be used than other conventional methods as it is cheaper and can be reused manyÃ’šÃ‚ times. Insulation of any object provides a procedure of maintaining constant temperature in it. TheÃ’šÃ‚ change in temperature is adjusted by the space that is present in the insulating material. Any substanceÃ’šÃ‚ that is called as insulator will effectively control the temperature changes or variations in temperature.Ã’šÃ‚ Insulation will not allow the heat to pass through the material and hence keeps the object inside to bearÃ’šÃ‚ the same temperature without losing it in the form of heat.

Air has insulating capacity as it can resist the variations in temperature. The air can insulateÃ’šÃ‚ properly as the molecules of air that revolve around will transfer the heat energy through convection
and not by conduction. The air inside the bubble wrap is the air wrapped inside the plastic which canÃ’šÃ‚ prevent the changes in temperature. The insulation of the air along with the plastic wall helps in
restricting the heat loss because the air inside the pockets remain still and do not move.

Insulation or conduction capacity of substances can be determined by their coefficient of heatÃ’šÃ‚ transfer and specific heat of air and plastic. Air has low coefficient of heat transfer and hence require
much time to get heated up. The specific heats of both air and plastic are same. Specific heat determinesÃ’šÃ‚ the energy required by the material to raise its temperature. So, bubble wrap can act as good insulatorÃ’šÃ‚ as it will take long time to get heated up due to high coefficient of heat transfer.

As long as this bubble wrap is in good shape, it can be utilized for several times. UV resistantÃ’šÃ‚ Bubble wrap can be used for longer period as the plastic used for preparing this material will beÃ’šÃ‚ destroyed by UV. The bubble wrap plastic is susceptible to UV and is not a good insulator in extremeÃ’šÃ‚ temperatures. Bubble wrap is a good insulator as it can trap the heat in the air inside the pockets.

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