Why is Butane sold in pressurized cans?

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Why is Butane sold in pressurized cans?

Butane is naturally an alkaline substance with a chemical formula of C4H10. This means in this element there are four carbon atoms with ten hydrogen molecules attached to it. Butane has characteristics of a highly flammable substance that possesses no color and is procured in easily in liquefied gases. In the presence of an oxygen-rich environment, butane reacts through burning where carbon dioxide is then produced along with water vapor. On the contrary, when there is limited oxygen available, carbon monoxide becomes the product to the reaction oxygen with butane. Commonly known and sold in the market as LPG when propane is added, butane is mostly used as fuel in activities such as cooking and camping. In its pure form, it is used as refrigerants to replace the ozone-damaging substances used in household refrigerators and freezers. Although it provides certain effects to one’s health such as drowsiness, narcosis, asphyxia, arrhythmias and frostbite, it is still widely used today coupled with adequate caution and care.
For most people, they cannot fathom the reason why butane is sold in pressurized cans or containers. Butane is sold in pressurized cans because this substance is considered to be highly volatile that its boiling point is lower than that of the room temperature. Therefore, butane easily flames up. Because of this, placing butane in pressurized can will allow its vapor to exist in equilibrium with a bulk of higher pressure. Since butane can be easily liquefied, it has the capacity to mix with other substances creating a homogenous solution. This property supports the immediate replacement of expelled gas through the evaporating liquid coming from the pressurized can.
Because butane is characterized by unique, distinct property of higher flammability, it needs to sold in pressurized cans to preserve its consistency.

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