Why is caffeine a diuretic?

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Many experts usually consider caffeine as a diuretic. It is believed by some people that if they ingest caffeinated drinks, it makes the people to remove fluids from the body. So some people do not consume caffeinated drinks daily. While there are some people that believe that beverages that are rich in caffeine will not cause the removal of bodily fluids. The human body needs to have adequate water daily to carry out the activities in the body and to keep the body healthy. Water loss occurs in the body by the processes like renal activities, respiration, gastrointestinal activities, and it gets lost through skin.

The water in the body can be maintained by ingesting liquids and foods. If the body has to function normally, the balance of water content has to be maintained sufficiently. Some characteristic features like the environment, age, diet, health, and physical activity will influence the body water balance. Some research studies revealed that the consumption of caffeine can have an impact on the fluid balance in the body. In a research study comprised of 12 participants, they were made to avoid ingesting caffeine for about five days. They were later provided with 642 milligrams of caffeine as coffee. It was observed in them that after they were given the caffeine that their urine outflow was enhanced. In another research study, the impact of 45 mg, 360 mg, 180 mg, and 90 mg of caffeine on the volume of the urine was calculated. The urine content was enhanced only when the caffeine dosage was taken at 360 mg.

But these studies did not give correct information on the impact of caffeine on the urine output if taken regularly or daily. The studies were conducted to see if the caffeine given at one time was showing its influence on the urine volume. In a study conducted in the year 1928, it was found that caffeine does not have any peculiar influence on the urine volume. It was stated by the medical experts that if there was no additional evidence available, beverages consisting of caffeine would show the same impact on the water balance in the body like that of beverages that do not contain caffeine. However, caffeine is considered to be a beverage that has some tendency to increase urine outflow. The severity of the reaction is based on the tolerance levels of the person, the type of caffeine product used, and the quantity that was ingested. If anyone has a problem with frequent urination, they could enhance the problem when they consume caffeine. From all these studies, it was learned that an excessive consumption of caffeine was considered to be a diuretic.

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