Why is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas

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Why is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas

The Earth is enveloped in a layer of gases known as the atmosphere”. Life on Earth depends on the light and warmth of the sun that reaches the planet through its radiation. The Earth’s atmosphere allows heat from the sun to pass through to warm the Earth. The heat from the sun together with the natural heat from the Earth travels back to the atmosphere. However, the gases form the atmosphere prevents some of the heat from getting away into space.  And these gases are known as greenhouse gases in which carbon dioxide is included.

A greenhouse is a structure wherein plants are placed and cultivated. It is often helpful during winter season as it allows the heat from the sun to pass through its glass (or plastic) ceilings and walls, trapping most of the heat inside, and keeping the interior of the greenhouse warm thus providing plants and flowers a suitable place to grow regardless of the temperature outside which can be too cold for the plants to survive.

Carbon dioxide together with water vapor, ozone, methane, and nitrous oxide are considered greenhouse gases primarily because they function in the same way like a greenhouse structure that traps most of the heat inside the Earth like a warm blanket. The process between the Earth, atmosphere, and the sun is what is known as greenhouse effect”.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most common and simplest molecules in the universe. It can be produced naturally or by means of human involvement. Carbon dioxide is beneficial to plants, and plants are beneficial to humans as they are the primary source of oxygen that people need to breathe in.

Moderate amount of greenhouse gas is healthy for the Earth as it helps balance the temperature of the planet. However, too much greenhouse gases is dangerous as it leads to global warming” and its adverse effects like flooding, draught, changes in weather and many more.

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