Why is cayenne pepper good for you?

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Cayenne pepper is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods. A hot spice, it is available round the year, and used to add flavor to a number of dishes. In China and the Americas, cayenne pepper has long been used for therapeutic treatment. So, its benefits are not only restricted to taste, but also health!

Cayenne Pepper has long been used by overweight people. It has been proven to burn calories and suppressing appetite. It fights acidity, hence in turn limiting the body’s call for food. The heat felt after eating cayenne pepper, is really you burning calories off! So rather than using medication, a bit of natural cayenne pepper would do for diet conscious people.

Other problems like nasal or lung congestion are also cleared through cayenne pepper. This occurs through a chemical called ‘capsaicin’ which breaks through mucus and helps clear it out. It is heavily advised to use in under flu or cold.

Cayenne pepper is also a natural pain relief. Capsaicin again is the reagent here. It helps fight ailments like cluster headaches and osteoarthritis pain. In a controlled trial, patients suffering from headaches and given capsaicin reported improvement within the maximum of 2 hours.
Numerous other advantages also include fighting inflammation, preventing stomach ulcers and improving cardiovascular setup. Cayenne pepper is also a natural immunity boost. Two teaspoons a day provide for 47% of the daily needed intake of Vitamin A, which is considered the anti-infection vitamin.

These were some of the major benefits of cayenne pepper. On this evidence, it is justified to say that it should make a regular spot in our kitchen supplies and our daily use. So go get some cayenne pepper today!

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