Why is character important?

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“Character” refers to a person’s traits, whether they are mental or in terms of ethics.  It is said to define one person from the other regardless of what a particular person experiences in life.  One’s character is said to show whether a particular situation is good or bad for one person.  And since character somewhat defines the totality of a person’s attitudes, it is considered very important.  Without a person’s own character, he/she is considered to have lost his/her own uniqueness and identity.

In simple terms, character points to who and what a person is.  It is like a definitive characteristic of each person on Earth.  Some people may be considered to have a good character or good morals because of the responsible choices they make.  Those who value families, friendships, and cooperation with other people, for example, are said to have a good character.  People who are very helpful and understanding of others’ needs are valued as good friends because of their good deeds and overall good character.  On the opposite side of things, those who are too vain, social climbers, those who love money so much, and those who frequently hurt other people’s feelings are deemed to have bad characters.  In the real world, one may be able to meet different types of people with different attitudes and moral standards.  And as the experts would suggest, in order for one to be happy, he/she should surround himself/herself with good people and those who have positive vibes and good characters.

And since one’s character may either be good or bad, the most important issue is for a person to develop good values within himself/herself.  As many people would say, a person’s character starts to develop at home, and this is why many parents try so hard to instill good lessons and pointers for their children.  This is why character is so important for each person.  It is something that other people see in one person, and this makes some sort of a personality and attitude label.

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