Why is Cheating Bad?

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Why is Cheating Bad?

Relationship is something that is most valuable in our life. It can be a friendly relationship or marriage relationship or parent-child relationship or teacher-student relationship. The exact meaning of any relationship is to have trust between the two sides. It is primary to believe each other in any relationship and especially in marriage. Love, affection and compassion are the secondary aspects in any relationship. Of course, if the husband loves his wife or the wife loves her husband it means that they trust each other. True love indicates the intense trust they have towards one another.

But, trust and love are slightly different from each other. Believing someone and your own partner means, you build up certain expectations from the other person. You always look forward for your partner to reach up to your expectations. If your partner does not stand up to them then you lose your confidence in him or her. But, if you love your partner truly, you will start believing him more. You do not tend to lose your partner whom you love truly just because he or she has done something wrong or something which you do not like. This is called as true love.

When there is such a loving relationship between the marriage partners, cheating is a very dull, invaluable and stupid word to talk about. This is because there is some indescribable joy in loving someone than cheating them. Loving someone will keep us positive, healthy and happy while cheating can give you only temporary satisfaction by achieving selfish ends. Anything that gives you temporary satisfaction can never be considered as perfect tool for attaining happiness. Every human would like to live happily. Cheating your partner and hurting them can never make you happy and satisfied forever. Because expressing love towards the partner brings extreme joy and happiness while cheating them brings you and your spouse distress. Cheating for the sake of sexual satisfaction is demonic act and not justified on humanitarian grounds. Hence, cheating is bad.

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