Why is Christmas on December 25th?

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Why is Christmas on December 25th?

Every 25th of December, we celebrate the birth of Jesus that’s why this date marks as the most special occasion for us because it’s Christmas or the day of Christ.

No one actually has a concrete record of Jesus’ birthday but then what is the significance of December 25? Why is Christmas celebrated that day? Jesus was born before 0AD but then it was only in 336 AD when Constantine, the Roman Emperor celebrated Christmas. It was then the first recorded date of the exact day Christmas was celebrated. Because of that recorded date, Pope Julius I proclaimed December 25 as the birth of Jesus.

There are reasons why Christmas was held on December 25. The ancient pagan roman already celebrates important events and festivals. December 25 falls in the winter solstice which means that winter was over and a new season is about to come. The pagan celebrates this day because the sun is finally out after a long cold season.

Other speculation was that, Jesus was born in spring and autumn because it was too cold for a baby to survive in a manger. Also the sheep was seen in the field rather than being kept. In Bethlehem more than 2000 years ago, spring happens in the last week of December and the perfect date when the spring season starts is December 25.

An early tradition also points out that Annunciation of the angel to Mary happened on March 25. To count the number of months, there are nine from March to December which is the normal pregnancy duration of a mother.

Christmas day is the perfect day to celebrate the birth of Christ. Since December is considered festive by the Christians, it is but proper to give tribute to the savior of the world, Jesus Christ by celebrating his special day on the 25th.

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