Why is church important?

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Regardless of religion or sect, the church plays an important and very influential role in the way people live or conduct their lives.  For many people, the church serves as a place for learning the stories that relate to one’s God and one’s own beliefs.  For this reason alone, the church is considered an important part of people’s lives.  Through the church, people are able to hear sermons about God, and the lessons learned from them may be applied to people’s daily lives.  Through the teachings from the church, people also get to know the reason for their faith.  In most cases, the church serves as the physical foundation of people’s faith.

There are also other reasons why the church is important to many people.  Some people need the church to be guided spiritually and to grow in God’s Spirit.  Without the church, people will have a greater tendency to focus on materialism rather than on the good things provided by God.  Some people also view the church as very important because of the fellowship and community it offers.  For these people, their faith and their means of worship will only be complete if this is done in the church and with other people serving as friends and family.

Tradition also plays a big part in people’s perception of the importance of the church in their lives.  Families from one generation to another pass on the custom of going to church regularly to worship God and practice their faith.  People being brought up by church-going parents, for example, also have the tendency to follow tradition and later on view the church as an important part of their faith and their life in general.  There are also people who find the church important because it represents a physical communication line with God.  Many people need and go to different churches to pray and have a relationship with their God.

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